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Компьютеры - Пошаговая тактика - Типы

23 января 2011

1. Пошаговая тактика
2. History
3. Типы

Тактические военные игры

Тактические военные игры are a type of wargames that models military conflict at a tactical level, i.e. units range from individual vehicles and squads to platoons or companies. These units are rated based on types and ranges of individual weaponry.

Тактические ролевые игры

Основная статья Тактическая ролевая игра

This sub-genre is principally used to refer to RPG-derived games as an alternative to the traditional turn-based system. In such titles, the system has been tailored to incorporate role-playing game characteristics. The term "tactical" was not widely used to describe such titles until Final Fantasy Tactics was released, where it popularized the genre in North America, although games such as Shining Force were part of the genre years beforehand.

Массовые многопользовательские онлайн-игры

Основная статья Массовая многопользовательская онлайн-игра

There are several turn-based tactical games with multiplayer online gameplay featuring large numbers of players, such as Gunrox, Poxnora, and Riftforge. Darkwind: War on Wheels, a combat-oriented auto racing simulation, is the only turn-based tactical game currently to have a persistent world. It is also one of the few games to simulate turn-based auto racing.

Размывание жанра

Некоторые КРПГ, как например The Temple of Elemental Evil, Pyrrhic Tales: Prelude to Darkness и Gold Box поздних '80х и ранних '90х, имеют в основном тактический пошаговый бой. Некоторые пошаговые тактические игры, как Jagged Alliance 2 и серия X-COM, имеют стратегический уровень ведения действий в дополнение к тактическому пошаговому бою.

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