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Компьютеры - Пошаговая тактика

23 января 2011

1. Пошаговая тактика
2. History
3. Типы

Шаблон:VG Strategy Пошаговая тактика, или тактическая пошаговая, это жанр стратегической компьютерной игры который посредством остановки-действия симулирует размышления и детали оперативного искусства и военной тактики в столкновениях малого масштаба в отличие от более стратегических размышлений пошаговых стратегий.

Игровой процесс пошаговых тактических игр характерен расчетом на то что игроки выполнят свои задачи используя только боевые силы предоставленные им, и обычно обеспечивают реалистичное представление военной тактики и оперативных действий. Примеры этого жанра включают серии компьютерных игр Jagged Alliance и X-COM, в том числе тактические ролевые игры, такие как серия игр Final Fantasy Tactics и игры компании Nippon Ichi.

Genre characteristics

Team play and squad placement is critical for success in Gunrox.
Файл:SPWAW shot 01.jpg
Terrain plays an important role in Steel Panthers: World at War!.

The gameplay of turn-based tactics games is the stop-action counterpart to that found in the real-time tactics genre, and as such contrasts with other current wargame genres. For instance, in large-scale turn-based strategy games battles are generally abstracted and the gameplay close to that of related board games, and real-time strategy games de-emphasize realism and focus on the collection and conversion of resources into production capacities which manufacture combat units thereafter used in generally highly stylised confrontations. In contrast, turn-based tactics games' military tactical and realistic focus, emphasis on executing intricate and well thought through plans and comparatively short risk/reward cycle usually provide a distinctly more immediate, intense, careful and meticulous experience of battlefield tactics and mêlée than strategy games of other genres.

As suggested by the genre's name, also fundamental to turn-based tactics is turn-based gameplay. The genre has its roots in tactical and miniature wargaming, the recreation of battle scenarios using miniatures or even simple paper chits using relatively intricate rules. Compared to other strategy games, games of the turn-based tactics genre often have distinctly detailed and complex environments due to the tactical implications of elevation, hard cover and line of sight. Further, in most turn-based tactics games a player's force is maintained between battles. This allows units to become more proficient as they gain more battle experience and coupled with the often small and specialised squads used, can even encourage an affinity between the player and his or her troops, breaking down the stereotypical anonymity of the expendable, mass-produced units found in strategic games.

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